The Hungers of Our Hearts

We hunger for relationships and a spiritual community where we can bring ALL of ourselves—without fear of judgment or exclusion. We’re connected by our common longing for an authentic and safe place for our spirituality.

Earlier today I read a beautiful poem that captures some of this yearning:

I want a heart

I want a heart that fits me,
and furnished with a soul,
a spark, some need, two lives, and love,
or else no heart at all.

I want two shoes that fit me,
and furnished with a sole,
a rolling sky, some road, and hope,
or else no shoes at all.

I want a face that fits me,
and furnished with my soul
a mirror of my heart and hope,
or else no face at all.

—  Anon. (translated by Rob Fikki & Ginger Thornton)

Too often, I get hijacked by my questions about my church, its contradictions, and its limitations. While facing and working through my issues with my church often feels really important, I sometimes get so consumed by that process that I neglect feeding my heart with simple things that rarely fail to nourish me:

  • Laughing with my wife and kids
  • Beauty
  • Nature
  • Poetry
  • Kindness
  • Friendship

I have some questions for you about the hungers of your heart. To answer these questions might be scary. To answer these questions might feel daring. To answer these questions might leave you vulnerable. But something deep within tells me that many of the things our hearts hunger for are waiting on the other side of these questions:

If God could lay out a feast for you that fed all the deep hungers in your heart, what would be on the table?
What does your heart hunger for?

I’d love to hear your answers below! 

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