About Paul

Awaken to life, be lifted by love

You have too much coming at you. Too much pressure, too much busyness, and too many distractions. You’re not looking for more info-crap. You don’t need more noise, and you certainly don’t need something to waste time on. You are tired of sleep-walking, your mind blunted and your heart numbed to the beauty and wonder and vitality of life around you.

You are looking to live your life more deeply.

You are seeking more clarity about what is truly essential.

You thrive on deep stories of hope, inspiration, and humanity.

You hunger to become more resilient and lighthearted in the face of your challenges.

You yearn for authentic connection to something larger than yourself.

You are ready to come more fully alive.

Who am I?

I’m a lover of beauty and a seeker of truth.

I’m not afraid to embrace truth wherever I find it. I have a lot more questions than I have answers, and I’ve learned that curiosity is a wonderful invitation to grow beyond my current limitations. My spirituality dwells in a place defined more by wonder and hope than by certainty.

I feel certain that love is the unifying principle in life. I try to trust more in goodness and grace than in my own fears and doubts.

I recoil at violence, though I haven’t mastered my own frustrations.

I find inspiration in life, in stories, in relationships and music and beauty. I am humbled by the goodness in humanity. I spend much of my week alongside people in pain as well as people in triumph (I’m a Marriage & Family Therapist and the director of a counseling center for my day-job).

I’ve always been an empathic and gentle soul, an old soul, but I haven’t lost the wonder of childhood. I still press my face into the wind and I love the smell of rain. I delight in the laughter of my children, and I like to think I’ve helped them to see the humor in life.

Mostly, though, I’m defined by love—the love I receive and the love I try to share. I’m a husband to an amazing woman, and a father to two rascally, beautiful sons.

I hope that love will be the message of my life. In a small but sincere way, this blog is my living love letter to life, and to my wife and children and friends.

“Paul is a unique combination of strong and soft. His work truly changes peoples lives for the better…and he’s able to move people on a personal level with his life stories, outlook on life, and ability to never stop believing.”   —Chelsea Berler, mostlychelsea.com

“Paul Sigafus is a voice of deep peaceful aliveness in the midst of my often busy, somewhat overwhelming day.”   —Ellen Melko Moore