God’s Vigil

What do you do when the heavens seem silent?

Few challenges are so hard that they can’t be made worse by having to face them alone. When you feel bereft of God’s responsiveness to your, the painful loneliness can penetrate your bones. In this follow-up video to my earlier post about surviving my crisis of faith, I share a few hopeful thoughts that might be helpful to you in making sense of God’s silence.

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One thought on “God’s Vigil

  1. Thank you, Paul, for addressing this topic. Just very recently I’ve had occasion to be able to relate to what you’ve said. Although it is humbling to wade through distress and feel as though you’re experiencing something unique and perhaps won’t be able to endure it or break through to a better place, I’m here to say, as you did, that at those times our Heavenly Father is watching with us and in my case sends sweet reprieve and solace – not suddenly – but serenely and my soul seems to swim in the pool of caressing comfort. I encourage you to continue with your efforts to define and defeat the things that are most scary to us – using one of your many gifts – that of intuitive expression. Love, Mom

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